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Confessions of a Reality Addict

Hangs Head in Shame

Yes, my name is V and I am Addicted to Reality TV

I hate to admit it but I am.  I mostly watch the fashion and make-over shows like

  • What Not to Wear…LOVE STACY AND CLINTON – airs on TLC
  • How Do I Look …I miss Finola Hughes the old host – airs on Style
  • Say Yes To This Dress…airs on TLC
  • Project Runway….Love Tim Gunn he is my new BFF but he does not know it yet lol – airs on Lifetime

These are just a few of the ones I watch but they are the main ones that I make sure I catch every week.

The last one Project Runway which originally aired on Bravo TV  and is now on LifeTime.  Now that P.R. is on LifeTime, Bravo seems to be looking for it’s replacement.  They have had two shows so far, The Fashion Show Isaac Mizrahi,  Fern Mallis, and Kelly Rowland where the judges of the show.  While I adore Isaac and Fern, every week I watched I wondered why Kelly Rowland was on the show…she was ‘eh at best.

The show was ok but most of us who watched were hopeing it would have the same spark as Project Runway has…and of course it did not.

Currently airing on Bravo TV is Launch My Line , where Dean & Dan Caten who are D2, along with Lisa Kline &Stefani Greenfield are the other two judges.  This show is a bit far fetched for me.  You have people who have no sewing experience or background as the designers and experts who do the sewing and guidance to help them launch their line.

I am feeling this show less than The Fashion Show.

Bravo needs to beg, bow, scrape, etc to get PR back on Bravo, because the two shows that they have put out have not come close to PR.

And yes I know it will not be the same but, you don’t even find your self liking most of these designers on this show.  While Project Runway exposed you to stuff you could wear every day, and some really out there stuff, the items and challenges on the two new shows were just a bit far fetched for my tastes.  Not to mention I think the twins from D2 are a bit annoying, and too over the top.

While most of us who watch PR love and adore Michael Kors, and love to hate Nina Garcia, we (at least me) learn something from the show.  Be it a new designer, or some history or just something (like who Fern Mallis is) I don’t feel these other shows do that.

Maybe I am expecting too much from them, and unfairly judging them.  I will continue to watch the fashion reality shows that Bravo puts out in hopes that they can hit PR Gold again.

Sssooo my Fashion Followers…what do you all think?

Let me know if am being too harsh lol

Love, Peace and Curvy-ness

Curvy Girl V

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