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Confessions of a Corporate Hamster

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Welcome to my new blog

Confessions of a Cute Curvy Girl

I am an Assistant Project Manager by day and sometimes by night i am a Diva who loves fashion, make-up and being a curvy girl.

I have recently stumbled upon Google Reader…which has been a God Send to me.  I love to read blogs but i was horrible at remembering to read them…well thanks to Google Reader they are all in one spot…OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!

But on to my point of this post…. I have been reading a lot of blogs and i have come to one conclusion…. Most folks dont like their day jobs…lol…While most of us are happy to be blessed to be working, but i think many of the bloggers out there feel like this

and we are trapped in one of these That never ending wheel which sometimes seems to get us no where.  The machine i tried to warn my students about when i was an adjunct instructor, some listen lol.

There is nothing wrong with the corporate world it is what it is.  But it leaves many of us wanting more.  And here is where blogging for me comes in….an outlet for my passions, which are art, fashion, makeup and pretty much all things girlie.

I have 3 blogs which i will roll into one *some how with the help of some one* that will cover

Confessions of a Cute Curvy Girl – that is what i am a curvy woman, i have been one for all of my life, i know the issues we face and still face.  I will also toss some fitness and health tips in there, because we do need to be curvy and healthy.   Basically the issues i come across in my life….

Makeup for women of color– I have loved make-up since i was a child, when i would play in my mom’s the consummate tom boy *yeah she had some makeup* i was banned from wearing makeup until i was 16 and then a whole new world was opened to me.  The Eyes Have It is my make-up and beauty blog about make-up, beauty, and the like.  I am focusing on women of color because again that is who i am and what i know…..

Last but not least my Sew Sew Cute Blog that tells the tale of me starting my own clothing biz making clothes for the Curvy Woman, this blog will feature some of my designs and clothes, but it will be more than just that.

So i hope you will join me on my journey…..