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Mode Mondays

January 4, 2010 2 comments

Mode Mondays

I will blog about the pieces every Curvy Girl needs in her closet

I am going to start off using Tim Gunn’s 10 Essentials Guide

I did the Black dress so whats next?

2. Trench Coat – The trench coat is one of the pieces that is both classic and currently a hot fashion item. Most any store sells this piece now. It is great for fall and you can pick it up in a wide range of lengths.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE  a Good Trench Coat

I have 3

My very first was out of college after my first real job I had to have a London Fog Trench, mine is to the ankles with a zip out lining I LOVE THIS COAT.  I wear it mostly in the Spring, it looks something like this one from the London Fog Site

But this coat is not plus 😦 but it is in Missy and Petite cost $99.00  It is a single breasted, i love both single and double breasted, but if you are on the busty side you might want to opt for the single breasted look.  This Trench is great for windy places like Chicago and Baltimore, helps to keep your legs warm when you have on a skirt or dress or even dress slacks which never seem to be warm enough.

Now they do have this coat in Plus $109.99

I love a Belted Trench to show off Yes i have a Waist!!!!!

This is a double breasted car length coat that can be dressed up or down, great for going to work or even jeans

I also like to Toss a scarf around my neck for a pop of color

Like this one I found on fashion scarves and shawls

Ok so sue me i love fringe lol this scarf is $33.95

I have a collection of scarves and shawls, some are vintage, I received from my late Granny Marie

They are a great way to add some color to a neutral coat or outfit, you can tie it around your neck or on your shoulder bag This is just for representation sake.  But i love this look

If you are a bit more daring and LOVE color you can go for a RED!!!! Trench like this London Fog *yes i know its an illness* lol

This Trench is Car Length great to be dressed up or down, great with pants also and has that bold statement color, it is single breasted and again you can belt it at the waist or not.  Cost is $109.99

Here are some High and Lower End Trench Coats and where you can find them:

From Bloomies Hillary Radley $435

You can never go wrong with Classic Black and again use accessories to add pops of color

The O a Leather Trench $219.99:

Lane Plum Trench on Sale $59.75:

A great time to catch these timeless classics is at the end of Spring when they generally go on sale, or check out TJ Maxx, Syms *which is so great for business wear*,and Filenes Basement These are just a few of the bargin spots where you can get a great coat at a steal of a price….

So my Curvy Girls…What do you like to pair with your Trench? What kind of Trench Do you like?

Let me know Curvy Girls…..

Coming Next Mode Monday:

Dress Pants

Til Next Monday…Stay Cute and Curvy….