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Confessions of a Wanna Be Hair Diva

December 28, 2009 1 comment

So its the week in-between Christmas and New Years Eve

I know many  a person who is looking forward to 2009 coming to an end, with the job loss, foreclosures  and the constant reminder of war that we do not seem to be winning, 2009 has been a ROUGH year but i am not telling you all something you don’t know.

Any who….the purpose of my post today….

I am growing out my hair, and i will post about my hair later but long story short it was cut too short in July and i am growing it out…..SSSSSOOOOO, i have been on You Tube *i am addicted*

Looking at the wig reviews, because i like to sport some hur every now and then…well i have been trolling this site, Best HairWorld, they carry the Janet Collection brand of wigs  and on Sat i got my first wig from them in the mail.  I was super geeked,

her name is HW Scandal II Wig, The picture does not do this wig justice, it is a human hair blend with heat resistant fiber, the wig has bangs, the color i got was a Piano FS27,30,33.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WIG!!!!  I am going to do a review on YT on this wig, and i had planned on blogging about her next week


I get an email from Best HairWorld saying they are going out of biz on Jan1, 2010….


Best Hair World- closing!

Best Hair World regrets to inform all customers that with the advent of the new 2010 year, will be closing. Due to the economic recession this past year and our struggle to maintain our low prices and fast shipping, BHW had to look for alternatives and unfortunately will be going out of business. As of January 1st, 2010, will no longer be available.
Orders placed before then will be processed and shipped as usual. Return requests will be accepted by

We would like to thank all customers for their continued support and commitment. Your business was greatly appreciated. Thank you from the whole team at BHW!

Final Sale inventory

A final sale on all Front Lace synthetic hair wigs by Janet Collection will be running until quantities last or until 01/01/2010. Take off $5.00 additional from online price. Use coupon code: 5FINAL. Sale of all Front Lace synth. hair wigs by Janet Collection is final and is non-refundable. Limited colors are available so hurry up and place our order as soon as possible. Coupon is one time use only and cannot be combined with other coupons.

Click here to see styles eligible for this offer.

Contact us:

I have a whole list of wigs i want, i want to try.  Their prices are good.  I feel like the fat kid who dropped her icecream cone So now i have to troll Youtube for more wig sites that i can get my hair fix….

*Le Sigh*


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